Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall leaves and pumpkins

I love fall — the colors, the pumpkins, and all the leaves lying in piles in the yard.

Actually, all the leaves are lying in other people's yards, since the only things that our trees drop are pine needles. If I want to take pictures of fall leaves, I either have to crawl around someone else's yard, or fill a bag with leaves to take back home. I chose to bring some leaves home.

Fall leaves and pine cone

Fall leaves

The other thing I love about fall is the pumpkins. If you wait until the morning after Halloween, you can get a great bargain on all the pumpkins you want.

Pumpkin still life

Pumpkin stem

What did I learn?

Macro photography requires a tripod, or at least something to rest the camera on or against. Getting the focus right seems to be my toughest challenge these days.

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